My younger self would describe this blog as: The Life and Lies of a Struggling Fangirl. Which is an amazing reference but also a mouthful and doesn’t even clarify anything. My 20-year-old self, however, has taken a liking to confused minimalism so let’s just say this is a personal blog where I’ll post every week (or so) about things that interest me at that moment. I don’t want to commit to a theme but you might find cosmetic/skincare product reviews, book reviews, recipes, etc. Plus, every once in a while I might rant about politics and social issues for a little bit.

As a little reward for sticking with this looong “about” page (or in case you’re still not sure whether you like me or not), here’s 5 little facts:

  1. I am obsessed with Game of Thrones.
  2. I love making videos but never publish anything I film and edit because I get overzealous and don’t think it’s “perfect” enough.
  3. My personality type is ENTJ – just like Steve Jobs, Gordon Ramsay and Harrison Ford.
  4. So called conspiracy theories tend to fascinate me.
  5. No one actually calls me Nads. I tried but it doesn’t stick. (Insert sad emoji here.)

In conclusion, I hope you enjoy my content. If not, I’m very sorry but I’m sure someone out there will satisfy your blog consumption needs!