In Which James Joyce Possesses Me

I would have liked to say something intelligent about his work, however I only just started Dubliners and am finding it dull in a weird way. Perhaps the problem is that I was told it was beautiful… And I fail to see its beauty — maybe they meant beautiful in an improbable way. … Read More In Which James Joyce Possesses Me


I want to feel like twenty, too!

“But I’m getting ahead of myself! So before I say anything else, let us rewind and establish that I just turned 20– on the 14th of May. The days leading up to that dreadful event were less than disappointing. Almost unbearable, really. And it all came down to this wretched dichotomy: I feel young (due to my lack of orientation in life) yet old (because I am going through a stage that I have already been through and that I should have gotten over). In short: I feel like the 39-year-old person at the club at 6 a.m. Just go home, get your shit together!”… Read More I want to feel like twenty, too!