Today is the day!

The realisation that I don’t need a 10-paragraph prose every time I decide to update my blog hit me hard today. (Thanks, Tanya Burr!) And although you should definitely expect some “short stories” along the line, today I have decided to post this… A fairly pointless yet important update.

I just quit my full-time job and have decided to focus on acing my Economics exam next June. However, it’s safe to assume I won’t be studying 8 hours a day every single day, which leaves me with some extra time for other activities. Such as this blog! Which has been neglected for almost a year now.

Problem is I am a chronic procrastinator and perfectionist so I need a new project that allows/forces me to post regularly. Pair that with my love for reading and you have my new project: reading and reviewing one book per month. Like a little book club but just for me! (Loner much?) If anyone is reading this you’re more than welcomed to join!

And I know, I know — not the most creative, original, ground-breaking idea of all time but, let’s face it, it has all been said and done at this point and I need to read more. Maybe it’ll lead to something great! Who knows?

The first book I’ll be reading is The Handmaid’s Tale and the post on it will go online on the 15th of April. I don’t know too much about it so no spoilers, etc, etc. But do feel free to comment and share any thoughts with me on social me using the #NadiasBookClub. Like Oprah’s but better. (Kidding!) 😋


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