Keeping Up With Trashy TV


I plead guilty! I too have spent countless hours – yes, hours – watching pointless and even brain-cell-killing TV programmes. Just admitting this in writing is turning my cheeks red!

After I Googled it, however, I found I am far from being alone. As one Washington Post article states “these very same [scripted and reality tv] shows  are watched by millions of people each week”! And you know what else? Most people know they’re bad! I know they’re bad. Does it stop me from wanting to know how Kendall reacted to Rob re-gifting the iPad – and accessories!! – she gave him? Not at all!

What truly fascinated me was that everyone that watched shows like The Bachelorette or True Blood had different reasons to do so. Some people are like me and think “I deserve this, I’ve felt stressed out all day, I need mindless things and fabulous outfits to distract me!” Others’ reasoning range all the way from wanting to make fun of it – a.k.a. ironically watching it – to feeling like they’re celebrating our failures — meaning that regardless of the show being incredibly bad, a lot of people put a lot of time and effort into it. And can’t we all relate to that? Haven’t we  all worked hard on something and then stopped, took a hard look at it and just muttered “no…”?

Now, I must confess that as I was writing this post I realised I don’t watch that much shitty tv. I mean, if I have nothing to do I will put on E! but I only truly follow Keeping Up With The Kardashians. I’ve never even watched The Bachelor or Bachelorette. Although I did follow Are You The One season 2, and Ex on The Beach during a particularly stressful time on my senior year of high school. As for (openly) scripted shows, not a big fan of bad ones either – yay, I suppose! I gave up on Reign, True Blood, Teen Wolf; even The Vampire Diaries and Glee couldn’t capture my attention for more than a few seasons. And I’m currently struggling to find it in me to catch up with Pretty Little Liars.

Regardless, I am not without guilt and I’d bet you, the reader, whoever you may be, are not either! Even so, we all desperately want to believe we have such amazing taste and are above trashy TV. And maybe that’s true! Maybe the true difference between culturally developed people and the rest of the mortals is that the first group can recognise a bad show when they see one, even if they choose to keep on watching it. But doesn’t that make it worse? If you kill someone by accident it isn’t the same thing as planning and executing a murder! And don’t be fooled: we are killing our brain cells, the entire cast of Jersey Shore should be in jail!

All bad jokes aside, it’s not that bad! I’m here to tell you, we need to stop feeling so bad about watching bad TV! A person can be smart, cultured, have good taste in arts and literature and still enjoy watching Tyra Banks handing out pictures to stunning girls who will never actually be America’s Next Top Model. It’s time we realise that the two aren’t mutually exclusive, everyone feels the need to indulge every once in a while. And have you read the news recently? We all deserve a break!


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